I/O for RSMinerve in R (Package site)

RSMinerve is a hydrological modelling software freely available from CREALP. RSMinerve can be scripted from within R by calling the Visual Basics interface. This package provides functions to simplify R-RSMinerve interaction.
The Visual Basics interface is documented in the Technical Manual of RS Minerve. The Technical Manual can be viewed under “Help” from within RSMinerve or downloaded as PDF from CREALPs download site linked above.


RSMinerve runs on Windows OS only.

Installation of RSMinerve

RSMinerve is freely available from CREALP. The download site is in French but the software is available in English. On the CREALP site linked above, click on “Version actuelle” to download the latest version of RSMinerve. Follow the installation guide. RSMinerveR is written for RSMinerve

Installation of R and R tools

RSMinerveR is written in R 4.1.0 in RStudio 1.4.1717. RTools40 needs to be downloaded and installed. The latest R and RTools can be downloaded for example from https://stat.ethz.ch/CRAN/. The RStudio community version can be downloaded for free from rstudio.com.

Installation of rClr

rClr is a package for low-level access from R to a Common Language Runtime (CLR). The supported CLR implementations are Microsoft ‘.NET’ framework on Windows. Using rClr we can interact with the Visual Basics Interface implemented for RSMinerve. For this package we use the rClr implementation from [Open-Systems-Pharmacology] (https://github.com/Open-Systems-Pharmacology/rClr/releases) (v0.9.1 for R version 3, v0.9.2 for R version 4). Download the latest release as zip to your working directory and install it with the following command.

install.packages("rClr_0.9.2.zip", repos = NULL, type = "source")


Existing examples in Visual Basics provided by CREALP are being translated to R and made available as vignettes for this package. Many thanks to CREALP for providing these examples.
To run the examples, download the vignette to your computer, adapt the file paths and run the code.


RSMinerve is a mature software but problems may occur when it is run on different locales. The troubleshooting page hepls solve such problems.

Overview over currently implemented interfaces

The functions relate to reading and writing of RSMinerve inputs and outputs. The function reference on the package site summarises the currently implemented functions.

Especially relevant for writing parameter files: Overview over implemented RSMinerveR objects